We're Passionate About Dance

The London School of Dance is a training ground for students of all ages. Established in 1958, the London School of Dance is known throughout Toronto as a leader in dance education. The school is recognized for its high standard of training, dedicated and qualified staff and its modern convenient dance facilities.

In 1958, Miss Kathleen Binns, a professional dancer, felt a need to establish a facility to educate children in dance and the Arts. She founded the London School of Ballet in what was then a very rural Scarborough. In the early ’70s, the school changed its name to the London School of Dance as a reflection of the diversification of the disciplines offered.

Our Structure and Approach

At the London School of Dance, our focus is on each student. Our training promotes a healthy outlook on life’s challenges at all ages; from the 2.5-year-old student who ventures into the studio to the ‘Vocational’ student, who through consistent effort and dedication, achieves success in his/her professional examinations and finally to the mature student who is looking to continue dance training for career development and health and wellness.  All classes are structured and follow set ‘Syllabi’. Each Syllabus is progressive and reflects a level of training and achievement required to successfully complete each level.  These standards of training are established by and are in compliance with our affiliated dance organizations:

Our Goals & School Ethos

  • To provide, in a caring and equal opportunity environment, artistic and academic training of the highest possible calibre, offering all students of the School a positive learning experience that is constantly monitored for potential growth and improvement.
  • To achieve recognized accreditation for the curriculum.
  • To ensure that the students have close practical and artistic access to professionals in the Dance and Theatre Community including Dance and Theatre Companies, Television as well as Artists, Choreographer and Industry Professionals
  • To expand the international exposure of the students of the School, by participating in international competitions
  • To maintain a high acceptance rate of graduating students into prominent dance companies or dance and dance-related fields including Education and Life Sciences in leading Universities and Colleges in Canada and internationally.
  • To develop and maintain a new, purpose-built facility that will enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for the students and the staff.
  • To continue to educate and inspire the community through our danceOUTreach programs including the support of community charity groups and our own “Ballet Ribbon” Campaign with the Canadian Cancer Society
  • To offer students as many opportunities to perform as possible.
  • All children are created equal and we build upon each child’s efforts and accomplishments, in that order
  • Students’ trust and respect must be earned
  • Students are encouraged to achieve and develop personal goals through self-discipline
  • Rewards and criticisms are applied fairly, consistently and used as a means to encourage further development and education
  • On-going communication between students and parents/guardians is fundamental
  • Good nutrition is encouraged as the key to a healthy body and mind

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