Here we provide quick answers to some of the most often asked questions about our dance program. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.


What are the hours of the studio?

Front Desk Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:30am-8:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am-5:00pm
Sunday: 1:30pm-6:00pm

Summer Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am-11:00am
Sunday: Closed

Am I allowed to watch my child in class?

All classes are closed to parents so teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction. You are able to view the class via a closed circuit monitor on a monthly rotating schedule. Please note that on holidays, test/examination days and rehearsal days the monitors will be turned off.  Further, the School has 2 Parent Observation Days scheduled throughout the year as well as the year end Showcase.

How will I be kept informed?

Our primary source of communication is through email.  It is important that you keep the School informed as to any changes in your email address.  ON THE MOVE is the School email update that is sent out every Friday, to keep you informed on information and events. Further, School monitors throughout the facility will act as reminder of upcoming events. The School asks for your co-operation in keeping us abreast of your calendar and informing us via email of any absences or potential conflict in events that the School may or may not be able to avert given foreknowledge. In the event of bad weather, please contact the School via telephone and press ‘4’ for class cancellation information. Communications is the word!

What do I wear to dance?

The visual appearance of a dancer is as much a part of the Art  as the movement itself. The classroom attire is particularly important. It must not only allow the dancer the complete freedom to experience movement, but must also allow the instructor and observer the ability to view the alignment of the body while in motion. At the London School of Dance we perceive the studio as a learning environment, not a fashion one. Therefore the School maintains a strict policy regarding the wearing of regulation uniforms and correct grooming.

Hair for all classes, in all divisions and disciplines, must be secured in a neat classical bun using hairspray, hair nets and bun pins. There should be no bangs or accessories (headbands, scrunchies, and clips). Students with short hair are required to secure their hair using hairspray, hairnet and bobby pins. For those students participating in Recreational Workshop classes, hair should be worn in a ponytail where possible.  Acrobatic students should wear their hair in a neat low classical bun using hairspray, hair nets and bun pins. Boys’ and mens’ hair must be neat and tidy and away from the face. No jewellery to be worn in class, a single pair of small studs are acceptable for pierced ears. MEDAlert bands are acceptable. Eyewear, where necessary, should be secured by a Sports Elastic Nylon Strap. Please speak with your teacher if you have any concerns regarding this. Finally, in consideration of those around you, it is requested that dancewear be laundered after each use.

Please consult your class information sheet for uniform specifics.

What should I look for when buying shoes and leotards?

Correct fit is important! Remember that all bodywear including leotards, unitards, tights, and shoes should fit the dancer like a ‘second skin.’ Bodywear is manufactured from a blend of cotton or nylon and ‘spandex.’ This is an elasticated fiber that allows for flexibility and growth. The leotard must fit without folds that will obscure the outline of the body. Tights, when required, should be purchased a size bigger.

Footwear, like bodywear, should be snug fitting. Dance footwear is manufactured to ‘mold’ to the dancer’s foot. Shoes with ‘room to grow’ can hinder a dancer by making it difficult for the arch to grip the sole of the shoe in a ‘pointed’ position and by slipping off the back of the heel in ‘demi-pointe’ position. This is especially a problem with Tap shoes for students registered in “Young Dancers” Programs.  Where dancewear is too big, teaching staff have been instructed to request new equipment.

What is competitive dance and how do I get involved?

Competitive dance is for the student who is looking to further enrich themselves in dance.  Dance competitions are held throughout the year, giving students the opportunity to compete against other students and schools through all dance disciplines including Musical Theatre. The Competition program at the London School of Dance is known as the Competitive Edge Program. All students who are registered in our Triple Threat Program (Ballet, Tap and Jazz) are eligible to audition for this program.  Acceptance criteria are based, for the most part, on examination results and attendance in regular classes.

At London, students attend a summer camp in August where they learn choreography; and beginning in September, they attend weekly classes to master and perfect their routines in preparation for competition.   Our competition schedule begins in early March (for senior students) and runs through to and including the last weekend in April. Students will participate in 3 -4 competitions – depending on their age category. Competition locations range from local to international venues, again depending on the age category. The commitment involves many more classes, increased dedication and home practise.  Parents must be prepared to dedicate their time to this commitment as well as the financial commitment that is required with Competition entry fees and travel to the different venues.    The Competitive Edge Program is a wonderful opportunity for any dancer wishing to challenge their potential!

What is included in the “Student Fee”?

This is a single payment, made at the time of registration that covers incidental charges that occur during the course of the dance year. This includes:

  • Student Manuals
  • Class Photos
  • Showcase Costume
  • Showcase DVD

This fee does not include Examination and Competition Entry Fees.

What is my payment obligation?

Tuition fees represent class placement for the school year. There are no refunds for classes missed or class withdrawals. Refunds are granted under the following conditions only:

  1. A student in the Nursery 1 or 2 level, after one month probationary period, suffers from separation anxiety where participation in the class is not in the best interest for the student concerned and is a disruption to the Class. The parent of the student in question will be contacted at the discretion of the School Administrator and all lessons after this date will be refunded with the exception of a $ 50.00 administrative withdrawal fee.
  2. The London School of Dance, at it’s own discretion, is unable to commence or complete any course due to a situation(s) beyond the control of the School thereby withdrawing the course in question, without notice or liability other than to refund tuition fees for lessons cancelled due to such withdrawal or closing. We regret that in these circumstances, we are unable to provide a refund for dance equipment and manuals.

Does everyone participate in the year end Showcase?

Yes, everyone who is enrolled in a full year program participates in Showcase.  The Showcase and preparation for the Showcase are part of the class curriculum from mid-March through to Showcase day.  The students have completed their technical studies and are now focusing on their performance skills. This aspect of their training is equally as important to their technical studies.

Students that decide not to participate are doing so without the Schools support.  Further, fees will not be adjusted to compensate for this withdrawal.

Where is the Showcase held?

The Showcase is held at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

5183 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada, M1B 5Z5

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