London School of Dance


Why We Are Different


The school is recognized for its high standard of training, dedicated and qualified staff and it’s modern, convenient dance facilities.


To provide our students with comprehensive dance education. To be receptive to their needs and committed to their enjoyment and development.


At London School of Dance we are committed to building a long-term relationship with each student which is founded upon trust, respect, co-operation and friendship. A student’s success is our success.


At London School of Dance, we have a variety of policies in place to ensure the safety of our dancers.

Dance. Enjoy. Develop.

London School of Dance Est 1958

Dance. Enjoy. Develop.

London School of Dance Est 1958

Choose your dance class

Our training promotes a healthy outlook on life’s challenges at all ages.

Explore Dance Program

An 8-week program for dancers to explore the world of dance.

Recreational Program

The Recreational Program is a curriculum-based program geared toward strengthening the dancer’s technique and developing artistic skills. 

Competitive Program

The Competitive Program is a curriculum-based program designed for the dedicated dance student.

Exam Program

This program is for students interested in attaining accreditations with the Royal Academy of Dance and the British Association of Teachers of Dance.

Explore the World of Dance

London School of Dance

What we offer

London School of Dance provides students with an opportunity to explore the world of dance, to learn and evolve with technique, and to enrich their appreciation for the various forms of the performing arts. We use innovative methods of teaching to make learning fun and desirable, incorporating dance and its attributes into all aspects of a student’s development.
  • Syllabus Classes
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Dance OUTreach programs
  • Qualified Staff
  • Modern Facilities
  • Teaching Accreditations