Online Virtual Dance Classes

Online Virtual Dance Classes
July 4th - Aug 5th, 2020


How do I register for online classes?

You can sign up for Online Virtual Dance classes on our website by clicking register. Simply choose the class you’d like to take from our schedule above. You will need to login to your account or create a new account if you are a new user. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

What platform do I need for online classes?

Online classes are hosted on Zoom.

Please download Zoom for either your mobile device or desktop prior to the start of your first class. You do not need to create a Zoom login or account to take our Livestream classes. We encourage you to download Zoom and sign in early before your first class.

How do I join the class?

Within 15-30 minutes of the start of class, you will receive an email with a personalized link to enter the class waiting room. At the start of class, you will be added to the virtual class via Zoom where you’ll see the teacher as well as other members of the class. 

What is the benefit of online dance classes?

Continue your training, practice your dance skills, stay active, get to do something you miss and love with friends. 

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