Facility Rentals

For Facility Rentals, please contact STUDIO24 at info@studio24.com.bz For more information please visit the STUDIO24 website at the line below.



Event Management

Your event is unique. It is a representation of you, your family, your corporate identity and your vision. Choosing the right partner to interpret and facilitate your ideas is a decision to be made with great care. We recognize the importance of this relationship, taking time to understand our clients’ goals, personalities and unique lifestyles. It is our goal to produce events of exceptional creativity, vibrant energy and unique style, elevating the client experience to a truly specialized level of service.


Event Entertainment

If you are planning a corporate event and think of having a dance performance, we can help. We specialize in conducting dance performances at corporate events. We can provide a variety of dance styles specially choreographed for your event, with dancers ranging in age from 4 years and up. All performances include costumes and props that will create a lasting effect.


Event Staffing

Our purpose is to provide the right people to produce the best event for both you and your guests. Our cost effective systems save you money by freeing up your time to get on with your business while we put together a team of temporary staff and handle all the administration that goes with it. From choreographers to Administrative Coordinators, we provide professional, quality staff that have experience working at various events.


Private Coaching

Our private coaching is ideal for anyone in need of personalized lesson plans, focused attention and quick results. Brief information regarding the initial private session can be found here, for more information please contact the School Office at info@studio24.com.bz.

Private coaching, whether one on one, semi-private or in small groups, is dance training at its best. Using the highly effective techniques and tools you experience in your technical classes, your private coach will support you as you find your way to clarity and confidence. Some dancers regularly use private sessions to prepare for auditions or roles, others make weekly or monthly private and semi-private sessions a consistent part of their dance training.


Technical Training

Technical Training is geared toward strengthening the dancer’s technique and developing artistic skills. Students engage in a technical study of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acro in correlation with the Royal Academy of Dance and the British Association of Teachers of Dance. Instructors are qualified members of the above organizations.



Workshops are focused on the basics of any dance form, polishing styles and teaching new styles and combinations. We conduct workshops at regular intervals to cater to the needs of specific groups as well as intensive sessions for dancers.


Themed Parties

Dedicated to the success of your event, our experienced staff of professionals will assist in the careful planning of every detail. You will enjoy our theme parties which are set up exclusively for your group.

Featuring our all inclusive Ballet Birthdays.